Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ's

Electric bikes come with an onboard battery and electric motor. Using a throttle or pedal assist system the bicycle will be propelled forward.

Most electric bicycles do not go faster than 30 km/h. They are considered to be as safe as a traditional bicycle. All normal safety precautions should be followed when riding any bicycle.

With throttle control, you have complete “on demand” power. You simply engage the throttle when YOU want assistance from the motor. Pedal assist refers to the motor engaging by the action of pedaling. Sensors detect when you are pedaling. This activates the motor to provide additional assistance.

Some eBikes can reach speeds in excess of 80 km/h. The majority of our models comply with the Canadian regulations that limit the speed to 30km/h. Our off-road models can go faster, but are not legal on public highways and should only be used on off roads.

Life EV has partnered with Samsung to bring you the most innovative and powerful electric bike batteries.  Since the battery is the single most expensive component on an ebike, having an industry leading Samsung battery will ensure long and trouble free rides.

It costs approximately $10 a year to power your eBike if you commute 200 days a year. This is only pennies as compared to the same commute when using a motor vehicle.

All Life EV electric bikes are designed and built in Deerfield Beach, FL, from quality, globally sourced components from brands like Samsung, SRAM, Avid, RockShox, Continental and more. This ensures a high level of quality and customer service. Building the bikes in the US allows us to provide premier service, and ensure no counterfeit parts are used in the manufacturing of our eBikes.


This depends on the Model you purchased, the weight of the rider, the terrain you are riding on, and the amount of peddling the rider does.  Any statement about how far you can travel on a single charge without factoring in these points should not be the expected distance travelled.  Distance travelled under a single charge are estimates under ideal conditions.

Our eBikes do not recharge while pedaling. While these systems do exist, the batteries and motors in ProdecoTech eBikes help us guarantee superior quality, while keeping the overall cost to consumers considerably less than competitors.

Generally, a license, registration, or insurance is not required. Please check your provincial/local laws to make sure this applies to your local area.


With proper care, the batteries can last as long as 7 years.

The batteries do not require any maintenance. Proper charging and normal use discharging is recommended. Please refer to the battery maintenance guide in your owner’s manual for further information.